I love my children, sushi, sleep, laughing, martinis, Swedish fish (who am I kidding...I love ALL gummy candy!), and yoga--not necessarily in that order.  Some days I love the martinis best - especially combined with laughing! I secretly love reading tabloid magazines and not-so-secretly wish that I could sleep late once in a while. I'm not thrilled about turning 41 this year. I loathe black jelly beans - oh, and when people are mean to the waiter...ewww.

So what does thrill me? Being a children's photographer, for one.  I adore it. To catch a glimpse into a child's world is to be reminded of everything that is magical and true in their world and, by extension, our own. What could possibly be better?  I see art and beauty in everyday life, whether it takes the form of a silly smirk, a no-holds-barred cry, a crooked half smile, or even a tiny bit of drool on your six-month-old baby's chin.  These details are surely the ones we will remember and treasure always.  To show you the beauty in them is my goal.