Please book your session approximately four to six weeks in advance to ensure availability.  Sessions are limited so that I may customize each session to the particular client's needs and give them 100%.  For newborn sessions, book prior to the baby's arrival.  I'll pencil you in based on the due date and then make room for you in the schedule once the baby arrives.  When clients ask "When is the best time for a newborn session?" I half-jokingly reply, "Stop by on your way home from the hospital." In all seriousness, though, the sooner you have your new bundle photographed, the more smoothly the session will go.  Newborns are ideally photographed within the first two weeks of life. 

Sessions are held indoors and outdoors at your home or at a different, local outside location.  Both parents and children are encouraged to approach the session as a "playdate."  While it's natural to worry about photo shoots, wondering "What will we wear?" and "What if my kid doesn't behave?" there is truly no need whatsoever to stress!  We'll kick our shoes off, maybe have some coffee, and just hang out.  Kids will be kids and that's what I want to capture--their true spirit rather than their "smile for the camera" persona. 

Sessions may last up to two hours and include plenty of time for feedings, snack breaks and the like.  I enjoy taking my time getting to know your child, because once they are comfortable with me the natural smiles and giggles arrive.  While it may seem to all parties (especially the kids!) that we are just relaxing and having fun, the images captured at your session will reveal so much more--truly timeless moments that will become a part of your family's history.